Monday, October 30, 2017

From the Garden - Adaptation of Autumn in the Air

From the Garden

 During my time as a greeting card designer, I learned to take seasonal art and make it more versatile.

As you can see below, the original illustration I created was more limiting with the pumpkin in a piece I call Autumn in the Air.

It was a challenge to think what would look good in place of the pumpkin, but then I am a fan of birds. That design element also comes from greeting card design 101; adding live interest to warm up the design. 

Old habits die hard...Lol...

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

F is for Flamingo

F is for Flamingo

Years ago, somewhere in the early seventies, I found out that it was common place to see fake pink flamingos decorating lawns in places like Parma, Ohio.  

It was a common butt of Cleveland humor along with the chrome balls that decorated the lawns of many Cleveland suburbs. This was an odd sense of Cleveland humor that a girl from New Jersey found somewhat baffling. 

When my soon to be boss in the creative department at American Greetings turned 42, plastic pink flamingos appeared in his office and I soon started looking at the pink flamingo in a different light other than a tropical bird one might see in Florida. 

Naturally after all these years, when thinking of illustrating another letter F, a pink flamingo came to mind, even though one would not likely see a plastic one as a lawn decoration today. 

However, with tropical looks becoming hot, now is surely the time to revive the PINK FLAMINGO.