Thursday, July 25, 2013

Second Look

Home Sweet Home

I had posted an earlier version of this design at the beginning of June.  I had returned home after attending the burial of my mother five hundred miles away in a place where she could be next to my dad. The trip had left me drained and it was good to be home. 

Taking a second look, the design looked a bit unfinished.  Most likely I was tired and in a hurry to post it. But now that I am getting ready for the Lakewood Art Festival this August 3rd, I thought this design needed a bit more work if I wanted to include it. So here is the new version.

This is for all those where home is a special place where one can let their hair down. It can mean the place of family or a loved one. It is for those where home holds memories and if good, our hearts delight upon seeing and being home.

   H O M E   I S   W H E R E   T H E   H E A R T   I S

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