Sunday, July 31, 2016

W is for Wolves

W is for Wolves
As an illustrator who presents work at art festivals, I find listening to comments and feedback are both heart warming and inspirational. Many like my illustrated letters either for themselves, or for their children or grandchildren, or as a gift to someone else. What does become apparent is what's missing in what I offer. While I can not please everyone, the urge to create another variation of a letter is fed by the wonderful people I meet while they view my work. 

In reviewing my offering with the letter W, it became apparent more variation was needed.

W is for Wool

W is for Watering Cans

So while I was up late one night looking at the moon, the wolf inspiration hit. It will be interesting to see how people will respond. Meanwhile it will be back to the drawing board to think up of yet another letter illustration for a series I call Alphabet Soup

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