Friday, July 14, 2017

Restyle! The Letter S

S is for Seal and Starfish

Part of my job in my career as a greeting card designer was to give fresh looks to older designs that still had good bones. It was to give new life or a second wind as well as increase sales. Not unlike rearranging the furniture and painting the walls of one's living room to give it a new spirit.

So while looking at my art on the walls of my tent during art festival season, the older design below became a candidate for a restyle.

While I still carry this version on Fine Art America, I thought to produce another with a different color look.

Now I also offer this cute seal as a cute summer T-shirt.

Whether a seal fan or the letter S fan, or just love the sea, this seal is a real cutie for all that need a little fun in life. 

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