Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Review: Updating Designs of the Past

R is for Rabbit

2016 has been a year of review of some of my earlier designs as you can see from some of my earlier posts. It comes from sitting in my tent at art festivals and watching people looking at my art.

The design below became a candidate for a softer look as well as giving the rabbit character better eye contact with the butterfly.

N is for Nessie

N for Nessie also became another candidate.

As I looked at N for Nessie, the sailboat looked a bit foreign. It was the color! Once I started, I got caught up in giving more detail to the background. It made it, in my mind, a bit more juicier.

That is the nice thing about working digitally. They are easier to fix and update.

H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R !

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