Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Review and Update: Looking at the Letter F

F is for Fetching Feline and Flowers

Yes, I am still in review of many of my designs, the letter F being one of them.
Below is my first stab at the letter F as a Feline that I illustrated years ago when trying to finish my first alphabet collection of illustrated letters.

Looking at the original at art fairs I have participated in for the past couple years, I kept thinking this little feline needed some sprucing up. 

The umbrella needed to go and replace it with another object that would connect with the letter F. Of course flowers came to mind. She seemed drab, even though she sported red. However red does not begin with the letter F, but fuchsia does.

Of course I went back to warm up her face enlarging the eyes and giving a bit more detail. After changing the border to be more floral, I finally thought to and a few fireflies to connect again with the letter F. I hope she is more fun and will sport more appeal.  


  1. This is SO, SO cute, Valerie ! Colors, cat's look, the whole thing so beautiful ! Thank you and good luck in your creation career. Happy New Year too.

  2. Thanks! It has been a long career! Now I have fun!